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Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic thermostats, Convectair
heaters provide ultra-precise temperature control (within 1/5*F)
putting an end to uncomfortable and wasteful temperature swings.
And there is no need to readjust settings during warm or cold
spells. Your Convectair heater assures you of a constant, even
season after season.

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Safety is no longer compromised when installing this state of the
art heater. Sharp edges have been eliminated by soft,
aesthetically rounded, durable steel end caps. A baked enamel
finish is available in Adobe Almond and Shiny White to blend in
neutrally with any decor.

By the quality of its conception, the “N” series baseboard will
blend perfectly with any décor. Universal back entry plate will
accept NMD cables as well as BX cables from wall or floor.
Stelpro is a fine Heating product
An all-around unique baseboard.
Designed for safety, comfort and
performance the Stelpro Soft
Cornered™ baseboard has brought a
new dimension to the electrical heating
world as we know it. The unique design
of its rounded corners makes it the
safest baseboard heater available
Heat on the go.
A 4800W fan driven heater that
moves around. A truly portable
heater that is big on performance.